Race Riot 5/9


A Hardcore Punk Band straight outta Youngstown, Ohio with members of Crowd Deterrent and Violent Offense.The current lineup consists of: Samoan Rob - Vocals / Steve Assault - Bass / Jon Rabid - Guitar / Pounds - Guitar / Dusty - Drums.
They were formed in 2013 to bring back the Violence and Hatred to the Hardcore / Punk Scene. Race Riot are duration Guests at the Summer Of Hate Fest and played many Shows and Punk Rock House Partys all over America and Europe.
Their debut Ep "Crew Life" was released in 2013 and was sold out very fast, after the " Smash Nazis " which was also sold out, 5/9 Records released The Race Riot 59 Discography which includes all sold out eps and the " Police Threat and Menace 2 Society " Ep.

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